Metal Fabrication and Welding Services

General welding and Fabrication

We have a range of welding services for all metals. Large to small batches, repetitive general projects, pipe welding, rotary welding, plate welding, and repair works.

We are also experienced metal fabricators with a well-equipped modern workshop. We specialise in jobs such as tubular frame work construction, Jig and fixture fabrication, brackets, shelving, Steel Work benches and much more just ask!

We also offer finishing services such as grinding, painting, coatings, product assembly and sub assembly.

We are based in Adelaide supplying to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin Perth, Hobart and all the remote regions.

Robotic welding

We also offer Robotic welding services that are especially suited to your batching and repetitive welding tasks. Our six-axis robot arm makes use of its servo driven positioner drives and three-meter reach to efficiently fabricate jobs faster, easier, and with higher precision than conventional welding techniques.

Our robot welder is available for all your welding projects, large or small, we would love to discuss with you how our robotic welding cell can meet and exceed your project requirements.

Robot Features

  • 6-axis robot arm
  • 3m long servo drive positioner
  • Water cooled, 500A pulse Mig welder
  • Can weld material including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel


  • Easy programming
  • Up to 95% production time savings
  • Reduction in production costs
  • More consistent welding quality
  • Less weld spatter so less time needed to cleaning up welds

Robotic automation such as this has allowed our engineers to focus more time on tasks such as continuously improving our manufacturing processes and quality control delivering customers better service.