CNC Machining

CNC or computer numerically controlled machining is a process where an automated machine will use pre-programmed code and specialized software controllers to carry out manufacture operations to exacting degrees of precision. Modern CNC driven machines can operate largely autonomously to repeatedly machine products to very high design tolerances.

Some common CNC manufacturing machines include; lathes, machine centers (milling machines) presses, laser cutting, welding, sewing machines, and water jet cutting machines just to name a few.

Our metals machining capacity includes a range medium to large CNC machines including bar fed and robot loaded lathes as well as 4 and 5 axis Milling machines. We offer mass production of components alongside low to medium volume jobbing work.

We cover all your turning and milling needs specialising in castings, fasteners, screw cutting, brass fittings, flanges, rollers, small components, medical components and much more. We will also carry out or organise your secondary operations and finishings including coatings, plating, grinding, and heat treating. Need something else? feel free to ask!

Common metals/material types we machine include; all steels, aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, cast iron, plastics, ceramics, special alloys, and more.

We are based in Adelaide supplying to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin Perth, Hobart and all the remote regions.

5-Axis machining

Our 5 axis machine centres use a variety of specialised rotating cutters and drills to carry out a huge range of machining operations in metals, plastics and more, cost effectively and to strict size tolerances.

Our engineers utilise specialised PC software such as Hypermill to plan out and simulate machining processes quickly and efficiently. The files generated during this process are then sent directly to a machine ready to carry out the work.

Performing operations such as drilling holes, milling flats, grooving, thread tapping, and 3d contouring our machines are able to quickly take something such as a single block of metal and produce a high quality intricately machined product.

Common Milling jobs include: Moulds, plate work, housings, prototyping, product rework and modification, components, replacement and spare

CNC Milling

Our 3-4 axis machining centre handles milling work that does not require the 3d milling capabilities of our 5-axis machine but is still very capable in its own right. With a X axis travel of 1050mm (41.3”) Y axis 510mm (20”) and a Z axis height of 510mm (20”) it takes care of larger, less complex, less angular jobs. The 3-4 axis mill is also better suited for heavier machining passes such a roughing of block work.

Our machine is well suited for jobs such as machining moulds, dies, plates, jigs, castings, and large jobs.

CNC Turning

A CNC lathe runs a predetermined computer-controlled program to carry out the manufacture of an amazing variety of products. Common CNC lathe operations include turning diameters, drilling holes, boring, external and internal thread cutting, and parting/cutting-off cycles. Some major advantages of CNC turning include very high precision, repeatability, efficiency, and high speed.

A modern CNC lathe uses its “turret” a precision driven, multiple axis, cutting-tool mounting platform to perform turning operations upon a workpiece held within the jaws of a hydraulic chuck. The workpiece held in the chuck rotates at high speed and the tooling attached to the turret passes over the workpiece to perform the “turning” operations required.

Our turning services include prototyping and small batch jobbing work right up to high volume production on our fully automated bar fed machines.

Common turning jobs include: Screws, shafts, fasteners, pulleys, components, replacement and spare parts, spacers.

Our machines

Machining Centres and Milling

  • Mazak Vertical centre, Nexus 510c – machining moulds, dies, castings, and large jobs.
  • Mazak Variaxis, J500/5x – five axis milling, 3D machined complex jobs.
  • Mazak FJV-20 – 4 axis ability, repetitive, medium complexity jobs.


CNC Saw cutting machine

  • We also have a CNC controlled horizontal bandsaw suitable for low-high volume precision metals cutting. Suited to bar to billet cutting, pipe cutting, sectioning, rod, and square stock etc.


CNC Lathes and Turning

  • Mazak Quickturn, Nexus 200II MSY – robot loader, Y-axis ability, high volume repetitive, and complex turning jobs.
  • Mazak Super Quickturn 100m (bar feeder loaded) – high volume, quick, small to medium sized component production.
  • Mazak Super Quickturn 10m – repetitive, moderate complexity, small to medium turning.
  • Mazak Quickturn 15n – repetitive, small to medium sized turning.
  • Okuma Genos L3000-e – 1000mm “long” length job turning, Y-axis ability, high volume repetitive, and complex turning jobs.
  • Okuma Genos L2000-e – repetitive, moderate complexity, small to medium sized turning.


Doosan Swiss Style Sliding head lathe – moderate to high volume, long parts, small complex components.